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Are you using Twitter @replies incorrectly?

ImageBy Adam Goldberg

Larry, the Twitter Bird, can be sensitive, and you don’t want to make him sad, do you? Larry gets sad when you don’t use Twitter as it was intended.

Below I am going to explain how @replies work and how you may be using them incorrectly. 

@replies are seen only by users that follow you and the person you are @replying to. Check out the example below. 


In the above example, only those who follow @socially_gold and @askbigqs are going to see the Tweet from @socially_gold. If none of my followers follow @askbigqs, no one will see this Tweet populate in their feed. No bueno! 

How do I Tweet so I make sure all of my followers see that @askbigqs is awesome? 


Twitter will see the “@” symbol as the first character in your Tweet and will only broadcast your tweet to mutual followers. If you ad a period, or any character for that matter, in front of the “@” symbol, all of your followers will see that @askbigqs is awesome. 

I bring this to your attention because I have seen an increase in Tweets leading with a username that should be seen by all followers and not just mutual ones. Add that period in front and you are good to go. 

Did you already know this about @replies? Let us know in the comments! 



2 ways to use Pinterest for your Social Media Campaign and SEO

By Adam Goldberg

In this post, I’ll discuss two ways you can use Pinterest for your social media campaign and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which I will explain more about below. According to this graphic on Pinterest, 80% of Pinterests’ user base is women. As a man, I didn’t see a use for Pinterest until recently. 

I work for Gables Residential, which is an apartment community management company. I am on a team that manages nearly 150 Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and other social media pages. The goal of those social media pages is to interact with the residents, as well as increase SEO (Sear Engine Optimization), which intern leads to new leases and revenue for the company. 

SEO is the tech term for how to get your website as close to the top of Google as possible. The more content you have on the internet with your links, the better off you are. 

 Pinterest Contest idea 1

We ran a “Pin it to win it” contest in which we provided a list of pictures that entrants needed to post in order to be eligible to win. We posted a Facebook Survey application on our main Facebook page, where after users completed their Pinterest board with the required photos, they could fill out the form and send us their link to their Pinterest board for us to review. 

You can check out the parameters of the contest here.

We ran the contest to introduce our Pinterest Page, and worked well. We pin inspirational quotes, decorating ideas, images of our apartment communities, entertaining tips and more. If you can afford it, consider running a Pinterest contest to build engagement and awareness of your page. 

Pinterest Contest idea 2

In October, we ran a Halloween Pet Costume Contest on Facebook and it also received a lot of attention. We not only posted the winners on Facebook, but we posted the winner from each community on Pinterest as well. 



When the resident submitted their pet photo, we asked them to post it on their personal Facebook page, included the link to where it was posted on our community Facebook page and asked them to “share” it with their friends and family. The goal was for their friends and family to see that it was posted from the Gables Town Colony Facebook Page.

This photo received over 130 Likes and over 30 comments when it was originally posted on Facebook. You’ll see a QR code and a link to the originating Facebook Page to help with SEO and point users back to the Gables Town Colony Facebook Page. 

It’s important to note that Facebook does not allow you to run contests where the winner is chosen by the number of likes the picture has. See Facebook promotion guidelines to make sure you don’t run the risk of being shut down by Facebook. 

Will you add Pinterest to your social media campaign? Let us know in the comments what you use Pinterest for. 


Best ways to engage your Facebook Fans

Best ways to engage your Facebook Fans

How to get more likes on your Facebook Fan Page.



Who doesn’t want more likes, right? There are many ways to do this and engage your current and new fans. I like the Facebook Survey Appto do this. This app is known as a “fan gate” app. It allows you to create a gate for those who don’t like your page, and the only way to pass through the gate is to like you. Cool huh? 

Other apps that do this are Wildfire and Offerpop.


This app is a great way to offer special deals to fans only, run contests, get more likes and engage with your audience. If a user doesn’t like your page, they will see the page above. After they Like your page they will be taken to your survey (below). You can designate questions and gather any information you want, so be sure to use this function strategically. 


After your new fan hits the submit button, they will be taken to the standard, “Thank you for filling out this form” page. If you upgrade to premium, you will be allowed to put whatever you want on this screen. This is desireable because you can use it to offer special discount coupons, provide special links etc. 

Standard Thank You Screen



Premium Thank You Screen



You could promote this on your website, in your email marketing or word of mouth.

    “Like us on Facebook to receive 10% of your next visit” 

FYI – Don’t get bogged down on the number of your fans. If you have 5,000 but none of them comment, like, share or post your content, they are worthless. 500 fans who do all of those things are much more valuable. 




Your posting too much when..


When you invite someone to your Facebook event, share something on someone’s timeline or perform many other facebook actions….it generates a notification. Unless email alerts have been disabled by the user, they will be notified twice. When managing a Facebook page, put yourself in the mind of your friends.

You are posting too much when… 

. You have 600 users “awaiting reply” on your Facebook Event and the event is tomorrow. See how to get accurate event RSVPs here.

A. You could be inviting the wrong people.

B. You post so much that your message is muddled/ignored.

. You create more than one Facebook event and invite guests in one day.

. You tag every picture you took from that last photo album.

. You tag your friends (in a picture) that they aren’t in to get their attention.

. Why am I tagged in so many pictures of shoes?

. You tag your friends in status updates to get their attention.

. You include your friends in group messages and the conversation keeps on going and going and going.

These are just a few ways to determine if you are over posting. Let us know in the comments if you have any more.

Testimonial: SociallyGold Helps the Animals.


By Olivia R. 

Over the past two months, I have been doing social media work for a non-profit organization called Frankie’s Friends. A lot of the information on SociallyGold was extremely useful and helpful for my social media work. One specific tool, reccomended by Mr. Goldberg really helped me with my work. 

As I worked on the organization’s Facebook page, another employee would post once a day around 8am every morning. The posts would hardly receive any feedback or reach. I wondered why because a lot of the posts contained fascinating information. I spoke to Mr. Goldberg and he suggested that I use Crowdbooster. Crowdbooster is an application that calculates the best time for you to post on your page. After I started using the application, it told me to post between 9am-12pm. So in order to test the dependablity of it’s suggested time frame – I would repost the posts that were essentially ignored from 8am but between the reccommended time for Frankie’s Friends page. After just minutes of re-posting the feedback would double, triple and even sometimes quadruple! Crowdbooster has helped me recognize that timing has a huge impact on social media. 

Furthermore, within just 7 weeks I was able to increase the Frankie’s Friends Facebook page’s reach from a weekly average of 250 people to 5,000 people!!! 

Thank you, SociallyGold for your guidance and support. I truly appreciate it. 

Why your Hillel Facebook account could get shut down.

You want to use social media to connect with your students, but you don’t know which Facebook tool to use. If you pick the wrong one, you could get shut down.  Should your Hillel use the Facebook Page, The Facebook Group or a Personal Page to prevent that from happening?  Below I will explain the benefits of both and why you should use one over the other.

The Facebook Page – You may not know this, but roughly 16% of your Facebook Page fans will see your post. If you have 5000 Likes on your page, roughly 800 users will see your update. If you use a 3rd party posting website like Hootsuite to update your page, only 10% will see it.

The Facebook Person – Maintaining a personal account for anything other than an individual person is a violation of Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. You run the risk of getting shut down by Facebook.

The Facebook Group – A Facebook Group is your best option. You should be using a Facebook group for your Hillel for many reasons (see below). The following picture is showing that this Ask Big Questions group has 55 members and 35 have seen this post.

I do want to recommend using this page with caution because every time a post is submitted, the members of the group will receive a notification. They will also receive a notification if a member posts, unless you change the group settings. If you abuse the group, your members will quickly become annoyed. I recommend only posting once or twice a week as to not over post.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that “only administrators can post to this group” is checked in your settings, otherwise anyone can post which will create a ton of notifications and annoy your group members.

5 novice tips for using Facebook Groups

1. You can create events within your Facebook Group

2. Post ONLY once or twice a week as to not annoy group members. Perhaps Monday and Thursday to spread them out. 

3. Use your post to link to your weekly email so all your events and updates are in one place.

4. Use your post to link to your website where your event calendar for the week is.

5. You can add users directly or they can join.

Theses are just a few tips in using Facebook Groups for your Hillel. Please email if you have any questions or you can leave a comment below. We are also setting up appointments for social media strategy consultations should you need extra help.

Adam worked for Hillel on campus for two years and now consults Ask Big Questions with their social media strategy. He also has seminars planned for Campus Entrepreneur Initiative and leadership retreats this year. 

3 ways Twitter is better than Facebook


1. Twitter Secrets – When tweeting at someone or replying and your first character in the tweet is the “@” symbol, only those who follow you and the person you are tagging will see it that tweet.

“@socially_gold I love your blog! #Awesome” – Only those who follow you and me with see this tweet

               “.@socially_gold I love your blog! #Awesome – The “.” in front of the @symbol allows everyone to see it

               “The @socially_gold blog is #awesome! – Everyone that follows you will see this tweet.

2. Friending vs Following – I can follow you, and you don’t have to follow me. Unless your Twitter account is blocked, I can also view your feed without you even knowing. Once we become friends on Facebook, we are both receiving each others updates.

3. Connecting – It is considered acceptable and encouraged to follow and connect with people you don’t know on Twitter. It’s frowned upon to submit friend requests to people you do not know on Facebook.

Why do you think Twitter is better than Facebook? Let us know in the comments.